El Continental Barber Shop | El Continental Barber Shop on Speedway in Tucson
We offer precision hair styling, facials, straight-razor shaves, manicures, and pedicures from a staff with decades of experience.
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Precision Hair Styling

The texture, the density, and the growth patterns are unique in every person. All of these factors need to be considered individually. Too many times, we’ve seen the art of barbering reduced to the number on an electric trimmer — “3 on the side, 5 on the top.” It takes away all of the creativity as a barber, and you can’t bring out the best in that person. You’re not a number! We’ll use shears, straight razors, scissors, and trimmers, because it’s going to be a better cut, and we take a lot of pride in providing that for our customers. Shaving around the ears with a straight razor is a standard part of our haircuts.

Manicures & Pedicures

Sharon has been with us since the 1980s, and has been in charge of our manicure/pedicure services ever since. We often do our manicure services at the same time as the haircuts, to save time. Our pedicure area is a separate, private room. Manicures and pedicures have proven to be very popular with the business community and business students at the University of Arizona. Look and feel as professional as you are!


We offer invigorating facials that can be paired with haircuts and manicures during your visit. These not only include a mint mask, but a neck-and-shoulder massage that will make you feel like you can turn your head an extra ten degrees. Facials are great for preparing for a big week, feeling good about your appearance, and maintaining your skin’s health in the place that people at you look the most.

Straight-razor shaves

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a straight-razor shave in the hands of an expert. We use old-school straight razors for all of our haircuts, because it’s the best tool in the hands of an experienced barber, just as it has been for centuries. Customers who’d like to have a beard or mustache trimmed will also experience the precision and cleanliness of a straight razor.

Hair Coloring

Over the decades of our experience in hair styling, we naturally learned how to take care of our clients’ hair color. Our experience wasn’t just academic – we’ve been around long enough that quite a few of our regular hair color clients have been coming to our shop for longer than they’ve needed  hair coloring! If you’re considering having some of the grey removed from your hair, come on in and we’ll take great care of you for the long term.