El Continental Barber Shop | Staff
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El Continental Barber Shop has some of the most experienced haircutters, manicurists/pedicurists, barbers, and colorists in Tucson. Our average employee turnover rate is 20 years, and most of the employees have done a quarter million haircuts or more.

Dale, owner

Dale is the owner of our shop and is a Master Barber Stylist, with a real Passion for the Art and Science of his craft with over 50 years experience. He has attended many shows, special schools and taken many classes to further his skills. He is a Certified Trainer of the Sebring Method – precision cutting and styling technique. If it can be done, he has done it. It’s no surprise that Dale has a large loyal following of clients.

Sharon may be the first person to greet you, and she is an excellent receptionist. She has been in our employ for over 25 years. Sharon also provides Exceptional Manicures which may be done at the same time as your haircut if you wish. She does pedicures in a discreet separate room where you can relax in a massage spa chair. She has become quite the fitness buff, exercising or walking every day. Sharon is definitely a person you will want to get to know whether for scheduling your appointment or for mani or pedi services.

Angel is an Award Winning Barber Stylist – A master in all phases of barbering with 53 years of experience. His is an award winning “Razor Kut” stylist and scissor stylist. He is excellent with flawless fades and clipper styles. He has participated in many hair class and shows. He has been both a judge and a contestant in many competitions. When not cutting hair, Angel can be found playing his guitar. He is a customer favorite and a Master Barber Stylist by any standard.

Henry has been a Hairstylist for 48 years and has developed a wealth of knowledge while practicing and advancing his trade. Henry is a diverse stylist, mastering the scissor, razor and clippers on both men and women’s hair. As an award winning stylist Henry has competed in shows all over the United States and Mexico. He has developed an expert eye for the art of hair design throughout his years as a stylist and competitor. His commitment and passion is demonstrated by the precise and meticulous attention he gives to his craft. Though a formidable competitor, Henry is always willing to further the knowledge of those around him. When he comes home, he’s greeted by his two-year-old german shepherd. He loves training his dogs, great and small. Henry has participated as both a guest stylist and as a judge at hair competitions and seminars around the country.

Tara joined us in 2014 and has already built quite a following. Her interviewing skills and attention to detail make her a fantastic addition to our team. She enjoys playing softball, swimming, and bowling in her free time.